uMfolozi Municipality is one of five municipalities within the 17 wards of the King Cetshwayo District. The N2 national road passes through the Municipality, which connects it to major towns such as Richards Bay and Durban. The significance of this road to the Municipality is, that it serves as the major economic corridor in the area.

The municipality has an estimated population size of 144 363 of which 51.9% are women. The average population density is estimated at 88 people per km2. The Municipality is adjacent to Richards Bay and Empangeni Complex. Its borders are the Indian Ocean to the east; Umfolozi River to the north; Mhlana Tribal Authority to west and UMhlathuze Municipality to the south. It is characterized by three geographical districts portions which are: coastal: Sokhulu-Mfolozi Traditional Authorities; Commercial Plantations along the N2 and Mhlana Traditional Authority to the west.

The uMfolozi Municipal Area comprises of a long flat coastal plain rising gently from the coast towards the west where it reaches a height of approximately 200 masl (metres above mean sea-level), the highest point being Kwamendo in the west at 381 masl. The coastal plain is interspersed by high dunes and is further characterized by a number of short perennial rivers that originate within the area and either drain northwards towards the Umfolozi River or towards the coastal lakes in the vicinity of Richards Bay to the south. Two coastal lakes lie within the area, Lake Nhlabane on the coast and Lake Eteza towards the north.             

uMfolozi Municipality is home to the poorest of the poor, which further emphasises the need to ensure that effective communication is provided to its communities and stakeholders.





uMfolozi Municipality is situated within the King Cetshwayo District Municipality in the north-east of KwaZulu-Natal and covers an area of approximately 1,209km2.











Vision, Mission and Core Values

Councillors, Management and Municipal Officials need to play a central role in promoting an economically sound municipality with available infrastructure. Demonstrating good governance in leadership also translates to empowering people and protecting the environment.

The Municipal Vision


The Municipal Mission

uMfolozi Municipality will deliver services that will meet the needs of its people through:

  • Promoting social and economic development
  • Sustainable and affordable service delivery
  • Promoting itself as a preferred tourist destination
  • Establishing itself as an investor-friendly industrial node
  • Effective and efficient leadership

In order to achieve its Vision and Mission, uMfolozi Municipality will uphold the Values of:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Responsiveness
  • Accountability